Hello, I’m

Anirban Mukherjee.

From Failures to Triumphs.

My journey of perseverance and growth

Hey you! Well where do I begin?! Let me start by confessing my love for painting and art. I have always been attracted to creativity since I was a child. I then rapidly got active in theatre and street plays after earning a diploma in fine arts, gaining numerous awards for various acting ventures. As I served as House Captain during my time in school, my performing abilities flourished.

My entrepreneurial drive took over the canvas of life during my time in college. I established Little Known Creation, a group of students that provided a range of services, such as photography, graphic design, video editing, short films, and event coverage. My team’s abilities and inventiveness swiftly won over a devoted fanbase, and the business is still expanding and thriving today.

I gradually gained a solid reputation as a digital marketer, PR, designer and an event planner, working with some of the best companies in the sector. I feel humbled to have been invited to lecture at prestigious colleges and corporate events across India, and to have been featured in numerous publications and media outlets.

Venturing out and making the most of my dynamic skills in the creative and business landscape, I have to thank my love of the arts, entrepreneurial drive, and marketing knowledge. Through my work, I aspire to continue to innovate and motivate others. I constantly try to push the limits of what is possible, whether I am working on a new piece of art or a marketing strategy.

Story so Far.

My story of hard work and growth

  • 2016

    Started a student community called Little Known Creation with more than 100+ students across Kolkata from various colleges and schools.

  • 2017

    -David Raja Memorial Award for good conduct and excellence in co curricular activities. David Raja was the founder of our school St. Paul’s Mission School. And it was the first of its kind award awarded to the student.

    -Judges Choice Award in Masquerade organised by South Point High School for brilliant performance in One Act. The play was directed by me. It was an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in modern satire.

    – Lady Carmichael Award –  It was awarded to the winning house based on Education, Skills, Co-curricular activities and other things. My house won the trophy and I was the House Captain.

  • 2018

    -Elected as the Secretary for our college’s management fest Magnificia organised by Techno India School of Management.

    -Worked as a Delegate Manager for AKLF 2018 organised by Apeejay Oxford Bookstore.

  • 2019

    Started Working as an PR and Event Management Intern at Apeejay Oxford Bookstore.

  • 2020

    Started Working as a Digital Marketing Executive and Trainer at NIHT Digital Marketing.

  • 2023

    Organised Kolkata’s First Advertising and Marketing meet with speakers pan India. The event’s name was Funchaiyat.

Hustle Continues ...

Today do something for yourself. Not to earn compliments, not to please anybody, not to appear intellectual or kind. Popular or prized. Seen or solved. Just simply because your heart demands the experience and your soul craves to be satisfied with the joy that has been far too delayed. Just for today, avoid listening to the naysayers, the snickers, the critics. Pick your enthusiasm, wrap it around your head and, walk as if the universe is following your footsteps



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